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Europe's startup founders share insights and inspiration about their journey from idea to funding and growth. Listen in, learn and get inspired.

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Hey, fellow startupper! My name is Florian Kandler (on Facebook & LinkedIn), executive producer and host of the Startup Milestones podcast. I’m a three-time founder, two of my companies raised venture capital of a total of over € 3.000.000,- from VCs and Angels in Germany, Austria and the USA.

Amazing people helped me when I got started on my startup jounrney. I adopted this mindset of “paying it forward” – so for the last two years I’ve been very active in helping startup founders by mentoring, choaching, giving talks, holding workshops, etc. 

The reason I started Startup Milestones was that I was looking for a scalable way to help as many startup founders across the continent as possible – especially those who are working on their first startup or are thinking about starting a startup. Paying it forward is an important pillar of a successful startup ecosystem!

The goal of Startup Milestones is: a) to put the spotlight on the many, amazing founders of European startup we have on our continent; and b) to get those entrepreneurs to share their stories, struggles and success secrets with us, so we can all learn and benefit from them. Exchange of experience and information is another huge pillar of any successful startup ecosystem! 

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